Face Mask Detection


  • Kalpana Yadav , Heena Khatun , Shivani Malik , Mohd Imran , Mukesh Rawat




This project FACE MASK DETECTION aims to create a system which identify if mask is  there or not on a person face. This works on Transfer Learning. This system can easily be  integrated into embedded devices as it uses MobileNetV2 architecture. It will detect Face  Mask in real-time videos as well as in images. In the past few months, Covid-19 has affected each and every one. The main point of worry is of rising the graph of the total number of DEATHS. The utilization of computer vision and deep learning in this product aims to address safety concerns in the real world, making a substantial impact by implementing effective safety measures. This project can be used in public places and at high-traffic areas such as Railway stations,  Airports, offices, schools, etc. To identify if mask is there or not on a person face and is  following rules and regulations. The system detects as NO MASK if a person is does not  have mask on his face.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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Face Mask Detection. (2022). Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results, 5484-5494. https://doi.org/10.47750/pnr.2022.13.S10.668