Physical Analysis Of Soil By Using Machine Learning Algorithm In Kanpur Nagar (U.P.)


  • Mr. Avinash Bajpai , Dr. Jitendra Nath Shrivastava, Dr. Swati Saxena, Dr. Pratibha Mishra



In India, Agriculture is playing important role in growth of the economy. It is a non technical sector but today we can also apply technology that improve the agriculture growth .We fulfill the requirement of agriculture and fast implementation using Artificial Intelligence. The agriculturalist usually follows a way that called crop transformation successive to produce to good result. Using of technology, we increase the growth and achieving good result in precision agriculture. We have designed a model that achieves for soil parameter. Analyze the quality of soil using machine learning algorithm we can predict the quality of soil using various parameters. Regularly testing of soil is very tedious task. So requirement of automate the process, we are using Machine leaning approach to analyze the soil dataset and visualize of various parameter that would help to take decisions. Using machine learning algorithm, we have Design a model that is monitoring the physical component of soil in a proper way for different area of Kanpur. In our model, we collect the soil data sample from different area of the Kanpur that use for machine learning algorithm to analyze the physical properties. In physical property ,we analyze  the pH and humidity  data of  soil using machine learning  algorithm .here we use 30%testing  data and 70% training data for analysis in random forest algorithm .this algorithm  is  find the model accuracy and error values.



2023-06-08 — Updated on 2023-06-08




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