Efficient Memory Handling For Unused Big Volume Data


  • Thanga Anu Priya P, Marys Axseelias Felcitas P, Arul Selvi L




Memory usage has significantly increased in recent years. Many information are redundant and inactive such data is removed, compressed, and relocated to backups, a front end with a lot of RAM can be employed. Closed-circuit television (CCTV), sometimes known as video surveillance, is the most widely used technology in the security sector. CCTVs are present in a variety of locations, both public and private. The storage space used by the video is one of the trickiest issues with installing CCTV cameras. Hard drives and other secondary storage systems are where video is often kept. Thus, to conserve storage space, compression techniques are applied. High-quality videos are kept at the front end of the memory, which can be divided into three divisions. The backup memory is relocated at a low resolution of 50%.This will allow the user to have increased stored content for quite periods. To free up memory space, a suitable memory compression algorithm is employed. The project is implemented using Verilog code. The project is simulated using the model Sim platform.



2023-06-22 — Updated on 2023-06-22




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