Evaluation of superficial sensation loss after lip enhancement using dermal fillers


  • Zainab Ali Al-Najjar
  • Zanyar M. Amin




Complication. Lip fillers, Sensation, Symptoms.


Objective: Enhancement by using filler have become the material of choice for soft-tissue augmentation. Cosmetic procedures using fillers are easier, longer lasting, less immunogenic and can be broken down by hyaluronidase. However, early and delayed complications, ranging from minor to severe, can occur following filler injection. Main common complications are those that occurs earlier after injections, main goal is to discover the relation of the lip fillers with the loss of superficial sensation of lips after fillers as its translated into numbness and tenderness sensations. as an evaluation for these types of complications a survey had been designed in questionnaire form to evaluate (200) patients that had went through lip filler injections. Review of early onset of both tenderness and numbness is inserted in ranged pain scale type to evaluate the specific symptom the patient had, the lasting of the symptoms and the outcomes. Method: One specific module consisting of several questions regarding the specific site of filler injection, dose of dermal filler injections and the patient’s symptoms will be obtained to understand the consequences of the filler injections and their relationship with the patient’s sensation at site of injection, by a part of a preliminary review of n (20) patients. The review will be conducted by collecting answers from patients who had went through dermal fillers. Result: A total of 200 women participated in this survey from all over Iraq. Among them higher graduated from college (92.5). Their age mostly was in range of (30-39). Conclusion: In this paper we tried to investigate whether the amount of filler injected and the possibility of patient being participations were from Sulaymaniyah (37.0). Level of education were higher for those who diagnosed with any disease shortly after the procedure will increase the probability of complications of such procedure or not.







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