Dual Installation Style Design Plan for Interactive Projection Mapping


  • Maria Seraphina Astriani, Jude Joseph Lamug Martinez, Bayu Prakoso Dirgantoro, Lee Huey Yi




Interactive projection mapping is the use of technology to manipulate and project imagery onto a surface. Users can physically interact with projections to influence the visual display which appears to the audience. Examples include interactive floors and walls. Interactive projection mapping is currently used not only for entertainment but also in the field of education to help students learn. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of research that focuses on planning compared with other research topics, especially in Information Technology. This research has a great impact; however, it makes it difficult for the researchers and even developers to find out the ideal framework for an interactive projection mapping scenario. As the result, the interactive projection mapping solution is still rare to be found in education. Researchers take this opportunity and propose a design plan for creating interactive projection mapping. One design plan can be used for both the wall interactive projection mapping and the table interactive projection mapping installation styles, which makes this design plan unique. It is hoped that researchers will not only be able to design interactive projection mapping for one installation style but can also choose an installation style that is suitable for the environment they wish to use.



— Updated on 2023-01-30




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