Need and Significance of International Radio QSL cards collection


  • N. Vijayakumar, Dr.T. Jaisakthivel



QSL card is collected worldwide by active radio listeners, but many people are unaware of it. People may have common opinion like QSL means like postal card.  But it has many different features with postal cards. QSL card cannot be collected with simple procedure. At the same time some of the International Radio stations are issuing the QSL cards for the first approach on the easiest way.

 QSL cards confirm either a two-way radio communication between two amateur radio stations or a one-way reception of a signal from an AM radio, FM radio, television or shortwave broadcasting station. They can also confirm the reception of a two-way radio communication by a third party listener. A typical QSL card is the same size and made from the same material as a typical postcard, and most are sent through the mail as such. Before collecting QSL card a radio listener should aware of reception report. That report must include the details of date and time of the programme broadcasted. It is heard a particular listener via short wave radio sets, online etc., Signal strength and listener’s thought about particular programmes are also mentioned. QSL is an important and valuable document that gives us information of the culture and life styles of people throughout the world. In this reason, research study is important to understand the need of QSL card’s collection.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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