Chinese Political Pop Art -- Wang Guangyi's Reference And Application Of Pop Art


  • Han Miao , Parichart Kluensuwan



This Article aimed to study (1) Wang Guangyi discusses the current application of pop art.(2) Research and analyze Wang Guangyi's artistic characteristics.(3)Study the application role and prospect of pop art in Chinese political pop the sample was from literature, books and internet.They was selected by Literature reading and online search. Analysis data by Descriptive statistics and Content Analysis. The research results were found as follows;


1.As a representative of Chinese political pop art creation, Wang Guangyi has fully demonstrated his unique understanding and thought in the process of drawing on and applying pop art, and has shown his unique artistic style and art form to the readers the characteristics of various times, which has effectively promoted the development of political pop art in various periods in China

2.Wang Guangyi's Chinese political pop art has a relatively strong feature of life and folk customs. It combines various artistic techniques in pop art, and permeates a certain humorous artistic style.

3.China's political pop art is to combine foreign pop art to show a certain meaning of political irony at an appropriate time. In this way, China's political pop art has been comprehensively innovated and improved.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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