Isolation Of Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Diabetic Principles From The Leaf Extract Of Premna Tomentosa


  • Sumanth Kumar Kattupalli , Alagusundaram



Diabetes and inflammation are most common and inter related disorders that damage human organs like liver, cardiovascular system, nervous system and urinary system which result in temporary and permanent disability to human beings. Inspite of the efficacy of existing drugs that contain both anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic potential there are significant side-effects too. Thus interest to identify drugs form herbal origin to effectively treat both the disorders simultaneously. Therefore this research focusses on isolating and identifying active chemical constituents from Premna tomentosa leaves. Dried leaves were extracted using methanol and further fractionation was performed in column chromatography using dichloromethane and ethanol as mobile phase. 9 fractions were eluted which were tested for invitro cytotoxicity, anti-inflammatory activity against LPS induced inflammation in RAW 264.7 macrophage cell lines and inhibition of α-amylase. Fractions found to inhibit the toxicity of LPS on cell lines at 25 µg/mL. out of the fractions tested, Fraction 7 and 8 showed the highest activity with % cell viability of 99.651±1.001 and 95.362±0.994 respectively by inhibiting LPS. Fraction 7 and 8 showed the best inhibition at IC50 of 280.387 and 265.411 respectively. Fraction 7 resulted best activity in all the activities which was further fractionated using dichloromethane, chloroform and ethanol. Isolate 2 showed the best inhibition with IC50 of 292.376. out of the isolates from Isolate 2, Isolate 2a showed a least IC50 of 286.356 which infers best inhibition on α-amylase. Isolate 2a was confirmed to contain single compound through HPTLC estimation that showed best activity in all the assays.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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