A Study Of Calcium, Phosphate, Vitamin D [25(OH)] Status In Chronic Liver Disease


  • Prashant , V.P.S. Punia , Manoj Kumar Nandkeoliar, Thuraya Abdulsalam A.A.AL-Zazi , B.C. Kabi




BACKGROUND: According to the latest WHO data, published in 2017, liver disease death in India reached 259,749 total deaths. Metabolic bone disease is common among patients with chronic liver disease. The current interest in hepatic osteodystrophy was stimulated by the discovery in 1969, that vitamin D undergoes 25 hydroxylation in the liver. The prevalence of chronic liver disease (CLD) in various countries was different because of its etiology. Moreover, not many studies have analyzed the clinical and biochemical spectrum of chronic liver disease and its correlation with different minerals. Therefore, the present study was carried out to correlate calcium (Ca+2), phosphate (PO4), and vitamin D (Vit D3) levels with CLD.

 AIM AND OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the level of calcium, phosphate, and vitamin D among patients with chronic liver disease.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Patients with chronic liver disease who are seen in the outpatient section of General Medicine Department, School of Medical Science & Research and Sharda Hospital, Greater Noida, UP, India, were selected for the study. History taking, and physical examination and upper abdominal ultrasonography done, hematological, biochemical parameter measurement were performed.

RESULT: Most patients had calcium and phosphate levels that were statistically significant (p<0.001) and within the normal range. The patients' mean levels of 25 [OH] vitamin D3 were significantly insufficient in 88% of the patients (p≤0.001).

CONCLUSION: Most chronic liver disease patients showed normal blood calcium and phosphate. Vitamin D3 (25OH) deficiency was statistically significant in most chronic liver disease patients. To generalize and make conclusions regarding causes and consequences, a prospective study with larger study population is recommended.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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