Conceptual Study On Mutrashmari


  • Dr Sumedh Wasnik , Dr. Chaturbhuj Bhuyan



Ayurveda the ancient science of life is one of the prides of India. It has dealt with many dreaded diseases under the heading of Mutrakricchra, Mutraghata, Mutrashmari etc. Mutrashmari is one of the most common and distressing maladies among the group of urinary disorders. In India, more than 1 million cases are reported per annum and another report said that the expectancy of 12% of the total population is prone. Ashmari mainly occur in men than women around 18-40 years of age. The prevalence of urolithiasis is approximately 10% in men and 5% in women. The modern approaches to treatment involve the use of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, laser techniques, open surgery and laparoscopy surgery etc. Acharya sushruta, the pioneer in the art and science of surgery has described widely and comprehensively about the Mutrashmari with its classification, symptomatology, etiology, pathology, complications and its management. This is the proof for the depth of knowledge of the Acharyas on the subject of urinary disorders as a whole.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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