Tracing The Employability Success


  • Michelle Lei S. Victorino , Jessa Frida T. Festijo , Joanna Juvyjoy A. Rojo



This study aimed to trace the employability success of the graduates from 2002 to 2021 at Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila. It discussed the competencies relevant to the respondent’s first job and the work-related values in their employability success. It utilized a descriptive method with the application of Pearson correlation to get the relevance of values to the length of time they land their first job. 478 respondents participated and the majority came from the year 2017-2019 batches. Results showed that 57.1% of the respondents landed a regular or permanent position in their present employment status, while 69.6% have been gainfully employed with either holding a regular position or a full-time job that is related to their field of specialization. Salaries and benefits are the top considerations why most LPU graduates stay longer and commit to their present job. Most of the respondents stated that they were able to find a job within the six (6) month period. In terms of acquired competencies relevant to their first job, communication skills, followed by critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills are among the top skills graduates have learned in college. In upholding the Lycean values, it is work efficiency that showed significance in terms of landing their first job after graduation. Though the results are favorable, the online survey instrument itself is vulnerable to invalid data inputs as some respondents provided irrelevant details that are not consistent with the choices of the item questions, consequently contributing to the nullity of some data. The study yielded recommendations on the use of closed-ended responses or consider textual analysis for open-ended responses, and a regular tracer study per program should be done in tracing the employability success of the graduates, to provide deeper insights on curriculum development and program refinement.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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