Helmet And Number Plate Detection Using Yolov-3


  • Mohit Gupta, Naman Tyagi, Ritika Mittal, Princy, Mr. Shahid




Our world is developing on a very fast scale. One of the reasons is Automobile industry in which motorcycle has always been the predominant mode of transport. Since the rises of two wheelers (motorcycles, scooters) have increased so it led to accidents and injuries. Many riders generally do not use helmets and that is one of the major reasons. It can be check physically that the rider uses the helmet or not. Once the traffic police spot those driving motorcycles in junctions-without helmet, they also use video from CCTV to take control of the drivers of those vehicles and penalize those who are riding without one.  The software uses You Only Look Once which consists of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to detect the Common Objects. CNN is a Deep Learning algorithm which takes image as input, assign variables to various objects in the image so that it is easy to differentiate one from the other. CNN algorithm is used for image classification and recognition due to its high accuracy. CNN is based on a hierarchical model which works on the principle of building a network and gives out a fully connected layer where all the neurons are inter-connected to each other, and the output is processed.     



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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