Congenital Venous Malformation Of Skeletal Muscle: A Case- Based Review


  • Priya Ranjan , Deepak Kumar , Rajan kumar , Suman Badhal , Vishal kumar



Skin color changes, localized edema, and discomfort are signs of typical venous malformations. Because the affected areas are inconspicuous and the condition is being infrequent, venous malformation in the skeletal muscle has significant potential to be ignored. Intramuscular venous malformation symptoms are similar to those of myofascial pain syndrome or muscle strain. The majority of venous malformation instances have a localized lesion involving one or more muscles. We discovered a comparable case of this type of malformation.

Myofascial pain syndrome and muscle strain are two conditions that have symptoms that are comparable to those of intramuscular venous malformation. The vast majority of patients diagnosed with venous malformation have a localized lesion that affects one or more muscles. We found another patient who had a similar case of this kind of deformity.



2022-12-31 — Updated on 2022-12-31




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